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Asia’s leading luxury villa company, Elite Havens, says that discerning travellers are keen to get back to their favourite holiday destinations as stability and easier access returns to the travel industry. But, despite growing confidence, many are looking to retain the distance and seclusion they’ve grown accustomed to.

“Seasoned travellers recognise that for a truly special holiday experience, a private space with highly personalised service is the key to a truly extraordinary experience. Our guests choose our havens in order to disconnect from their daily busy lives to reconnect with what is really important to them, whether it is spending quality time with extended family and friends, nature or the destination they are visiting,” said Maya Rigg, CEO of Elite Havens.

The unique service proposition is the main driver behind people booking an Elite Havens experience. While guests expect comfort and seclusion in a villa holiday, it’s the warm, personal, and highly curated service that allows an Elite Havens guest to truly switch off and reconnect with what’s really important in life.

“I want a real holiday with a break from everything, otherwise as a mom, I spend my time in a dark hotel room while the baby is sleeping and taking a nap while everyone else gets to go to the beach,” shared Elite Havens guest T from the UK. “Booking a private luxury villa that are fully staffed offers my family the option to kick back and relax and while I do not have to worry about cooking or cleaning so that I too can have a real break from my busy life.”

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Elite Havens enhances its brand and online experience

With enthusiasm for travel growing quickly, and worldly travellers eager to return to their favourite destinations, Elite Havens team has been working hard preparing to exceed expectations of those returning guests.

“After two years of limited travel, we know travellers are hungry for new experiences, and that we must make every moment with us extraordinary,” said Elite Havens’ Director of Marketing, Scott Waters. “We took the time to understand which part of our offering was key to delighting our guests, and what we can add to that experience.

“We discovered that it’s the small moments, delivered beautifully, that really sets us apart, and create memories for life. From a friendly and seamless booking experience to a warm and thoughtful villa team who genuinely take pleasure in delighting guests with exceptional service.

Regular Elite Havens guest L from South Africa supports this. “It’s those additional things that makes it so different. Transfers that go seamlessly. Checking in late at night and being greeted by an entire smiling team. And nothing is too big a request. That is what makes it such a wonderful experience, it’s you, your party and the staff. But they’re not intrusive. They just get it right.”

For Elite Havens, this underpinned the need for refreshing its brand, its website and booking experience, as well as a better in-villa experience offering enhanced Covid-19 precautions.

The new brand expression, Extraordinary Experiences for Life, emphasises the Elite Havens approach to delivering perfect holiday moments and creating memories that stay with their guests for years to come.

The new website delivers a simpler, seamless planning and booking experience, and Elite Haven’s famous concierge service and on-ground villa teams go the extra mile to make each guest’s holiday safe and memorable.

While the new website and the accompanying design is modern and reflective of its worldly, selective guests, it retains the warmth that is associated with the brand and the promise of holidays where extraordinary moments add up to make lifelong memories.

“For Elite Havens, the work doesn’t end with a new user experience and an enhanced brand expression, but rather begins there. As we welcome back travellers into our villas post-Covid into the ‘new normal’ we needed to make some changes,” said Ms Rigg.

“We developed a new user experience that keeps the best of what our loyal customers love about us, and optimises aspects of our experience, yet maintains safety and hygiene measures. We also have more services to offer within dining, concierge and local experiences.  Our knowledge and connections with our local communities are what makes us truly unique.”

“In a nutshell, our priority is ensuring that we are delivering an extraordinary service across all touchpoints of our brand, every day, from end to end. That’s what our customers expect of us.”

Visit www.elitehavens.com to get a glimpse of the refreshed Elite Havens experience.

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