Rudding Park Spa Launches Digital Detox Days

Rudding Park Spa in Harrogate has launched Digital Detox Days, to encourage guests to be fully present in the moment without any distractions. Taking place on the first Tuesday of every month, guests are asked to leave their phones and digital devices behind or in their locker so they can focus on mindfulness and make the most of the Roof Top Spa & Garden this spring.

Numerous studies suggest adults are becoming overly attached to their electronic devices. According to stats published by Time to Log Off, UK adults spend an average of eight hours and 41 minutes per day on their screens, over half of our waking hours*.

Putting away all digital devices during the spa experience is thought to have a number of benefits including a calmer mind, sounder sleep, stress alleviation and improved overall wellness.

Sarah Johnson, Rudding Park Spa Manager explains, “The smartphone has almost become an extension of the human hand – an accessory so essential you feel lost without it.  Having been voted one of the most ‘instagrammable’ spas in the country we understand the power of user-generated content and guests love to share their pictures of the spa experience with their social media followers, however, it is not for everyone so we wanted to dedicate a day each month where guests can relax without any digital distractions.”

Guests can experience the Roof Top Spa & Garden without any distractions this spring including taking a dip in the warming waters of the hydrotherapy pool and relaxing on the sun deck whilst admiring the gardens in full bloom.

Rudding Park is an award-winning hotel and spa renowned for its ongoing commitment to innovation, including opening the UK’s first Roof Top Spa Garden in 2017, and experiences such as a Sunlight Therapy Room to help guests overcome seasonal affective disorder, an Oxygen Pod based on NASA technology and CBD-based treatments.

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