Sanctuary of Wellness ACRO Suites Opens in Crete with New Restaurant

A 5* newcomer to Crete, ACRO Suites will open its doors to UK holidaymakers on April 20th, providing peaceful restoration for the body and mind. This summer, guests are invited to find a new balance at the luxury boutique resort’s unique microcosm.   

Nestled on the rocky cliffside of Mononaftis Bay, ACRO Suites is an extraordinary eco-friendly haven and inspiring sanctuary dedicated to wellness, welcoming guests to unwind, practice self-love and rejuvenate with mother nature. 

Sanctuary of Wellness ACRO Suites Opens in Crete

The enchanting bamboo yoga “shala” – a Sanskrit word meaning “home”, offers guests daily yoga and meditation classes, and hosts inspirational talks from yoga gurus and fitness instructors to amplify their wellbeing experience; the Asana Yoga Shala is a magnificent piece of architecture. 

Moreover, the boutique’s astonishing Bath House restores guests’ body, mind and spirit. The authentic byzantine hammam taps into the concept of rejuvenation and purifying the soul, there is a dry sauna, outdoor pool, heated pool, and therapies including ACRO Bath House Rituals, Biologique Recherche tailor-made facial treatments, as well as Holistic Wellness days. The modern Fitness House complements the wellness experience boasting views of the Cretan Sea and homemade smoothies for after your cardio. 

The selection of Suites and Villas carefully designed at ACRO, have been curated to amplify the guests’ experience and elevate it to new heights. From Suites burrowed into the cliff, furnished with natural materials enriching the traveller’s connection with nature, to chicly presented Villas with astonishing views of the Cretan Sea and infinity private pools to help guests reach the pinnacle of comfort, ACRO Suites is the place to reconnect with yourself. 

Sanctuary of Wellness ACRO Suites Opens in Crete

Inspired by farm-to-table handpicked gastronomy there are several dining options at ACRO Suites, including Cremnos Restaurant, a nutritional haven, deriving its menu from traditional Greek cuisines, offering handpicked, organic, fresh ingredients from small farms around the island. The breath-taking views are the cherry on top. New to the property this year, Umi restaurant will also offer the epitome of Nikkei Cuisine. 

Furthermore, there is the all-day pool Bar & Lounge, The Circle, offering homemade drinks inspired by the Mediterranean botanical herbs and crafted by devoted mixologists, as well as freshly squeezed juices made local produce. 

Crete is Greece’s largest island and for those looking to explore, there are a plethora of experiences a stone’s throw away from hiking and exploring the breath-taking beaches, to absorbing the local history with museums and archaeological sites.  


Sanctuary of Wellness ACRO Suites Opens in Crete


Explore ACRO Villas & Suites 

Sitting on the edge of the resort the Acroterra Villa is on the waterfront edge of this rocky resort, featuring an amazing private infinity pool with sunbeds, a welcoming terrace with comfortable lounge chairs and guests own botanic private garden.   

The epitome of elegant luxury, that still feels like home. The unique Sunset Villa is located on the West side of the resort offering breathless sunset and panoramic sea views of the deep blue from a private terrace and glass infinity pool. 

The Loft Suite is a two-storey haven that offers an exclusive atmosphere from floor to ceiling, sea views, and private infinity pool creating the perfect setting to make unforgettable memories. The soft colour schemes, the natural materials and furnishings used throughout the suite, create a boho chic environment that matches your natural surroundings and state of mind.   

Designed and built to embrace the areas raw aesthetics, The Gaia Suite, The Wave Suite and The Wave Suite XL are in a perfect balance with sea views and private infinity pools. Bohemian, luxury chic vibes and an eye for detail make this suite a unique hideaway. Just take in the breathless morning view of the Cretan Sea and let the warm sunlight fill up the room. 

Emerging from its idyllic surroundings, The Cave Suite captures the essence of blissful solitude and romance with sea views and private pool. These bespoke suites feature a mix of boho chic with modern amenities. Custom-made wooden furniture, stone, glass, natural materials, raw silk bed covers, marbles from Ancient Festos, lamps and a refined writing desk, create a feeling that simplifies the notion of luxury, exclusivity, and comfort.   


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